Context-dependent modulation of cognitive control – new paper in NeuroImage!

Congrats to Bart et al. for getting their work accepted at NeuroImage. In their paper, they address the context-dependent allocation of two prominent cognitive control modes: reactive and proactive control. They demonstrate that task-relevant areas such as intraparietal sulcus and dorsolateral prefrontal cortex are more active on task trials in reactive than in proactive mode. Importantly, the same areas were more active between task trials (i.e., during the intertrial intervals) in proactive than in reactive mode. This implicates that reactive control involves a transient reactivation of task-relevant brain areas exactly when needed, and that proactive control is characterized by sustained activation of similar areas when control is required on a longer time scale.

You can find the full paper here – or get into touch with Bart Aben!


Oscillatory signatures of reward prediction errors in declarative learning – New paper in NeuroImage

Congrats to Kate and Esther et al. with their new paper that just got accepted in NeuroImage! In this work, they investigated the time course of neural oscillations in processing reward during declarative learning. Earlier research showed that signed reward prediction errors (SRPE’s; “better-than-expected” signals) drive declarative learning. In the current paper, the occurrence of reward prediction errors (RPEs) was further validated by oscillatory signatures in the theta, high-beta and high-alpha bands. The paper can be found here!

Grants for Pieter and Cristian!

Congratulations to Pieter and Cristian who succesfully acquired personal funding from the FWO-Vlaanderen! Pieter received funding for a PhD position on his project entitled ‘learning to synchronise: computational and EEG investigations of human flexibility’. Cris secured funding for a post-doc position on his project entitled ‘The Value of Time: A neurocomputational model of action sequences’. Congratulations to both!